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**Instant Sub Plans**

Perfect for when you are feeling miserable and just want to get back in bed with no hassels or chaos. Choose your grade level and get standards aligned sub plans instantly.

Modify Our Sub Plans

Enter your own class routine, such as lunch and recess times. Indicate specific times for subjects. Instantly populate and reorganize our plans to fit your class schedule.

Customized Sub Plans

All the features of our modified sub plans plus the ability to choose specific lessons by subject from our database or add your own lesson to your sub packet.

Since 1993

Why Fast Sub Plans?

We provide a full day of instant and complete standards aligned sub plans for teacher illnesses and emergencies. No prep work or planning required.

When you are sick and just want to go back to bed Fast Sub Plans are all you need. In a matter of minutes you will have a full day worth of lessons printed or emailed and ready for your sub.

What makes our sub plans different and better?

  1. Complete lessons aligned to common core state standards
  2. Don't rely on any materials or resources you may not already have in your classroom
  3. They will last the entire school day
  4. Created by credentialed teachers
  5. Include step by step instructions for the sub
  6. You will be back in bed or tending your family in a matter of minutes
  7. No need to drive to the school to create and leave sub plans
  8. No need to go to work feeling miserable because it's easier than making sub plans
  9. Engage students so teachers don't come back to messes, behavior problems, and negative reports.
  10. Keep your administrator happy!


We want to provide a full day's worth of standard aligned, grade appropriate sub plans to teachers and their subs in a matter of minutes.

We want all teachers to feel free to actually use their sick days as intended and help them do so with ease, while ensuring students are getting the best education possible.

As teachers we KNOW how crucial it is to have well planned lessons ready for the guest teacher. These lesson plans are essential for a smooth day and maintaining order in the event a teacher must be absent. We also know that it is so much easier to just go to work than create sub plans. And we as teachers, often find ourselves creating sub plans at 4 in the morning, desperately begging our colleagues to throw a bunch of worksheets or movies and coloring sheets at the sub and calling those "sub plans" or dragging ourselves down to the school sick and miserable just to avoid all that chaos and hassle. Or worse the sub is left to simply "figure it out", and we all can imagine the nightmare that awaits us upon our return to work when a sub is left with no instructions.


Next Steps...

Select grade level and download sub plans now! You can be back in bed or tending to your family in a matter of minutes, with no worries about your students, missing the school day, or your colleagues having to cover for you!